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Garcinia Masala for Pitta

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Hailed as the “holy grail of weight loss,” Garcinia cambogia, or Garcinia indica, has actually been a known remedy for different imbalances for thousands of years in India. In Sanskrit, Garcinia cambogia is called “vrikshamla.” It is mentioned in the ayurvedic “nighantu”-s (or glossaries) as a vata and kapha dosha pacifying dravya or food ingredient. It is known to enhance absorption due to its thermogenic potency, it also sharpens the taste buds, clearing away ama or toxic build-up in the oral cavity. With a distinct subtle sour taste, it is known to enhance the metabolic rate of the muscle and fat tissues. Taste is known to have therapeutic balancing properties in Ayurveda. Garcinia carries the following 3 rasa-s or tastes: amla (sour), katu (pungent) and kashai (astringent). These 3 rasa-s  are known to enhance metabolism in general. More specifically, the amla rasa or sour taste specifically enhances and supports protein metabolism because it enhances agni in the mamsa dhatu or muscle tissue. All 3 rasa-s taken together help clear and unclog the channels optimizing circulation in general.
Overall knowledge about Garcinia Masalas or spice mixes.
Introduce these SVA Garcinia masalas or spice blends into your diet as a unique way of enjoying the flavor and benefits of Garcinia. Even though Garcinia has been introduced as a weight loss ingredient, Vaidya Mishra explains that it is actually for those who want to “regulate their weight” - whether to lose or to gain, it enhances the intelligence of the tissues so your physiology adjusts based on its own needs to maintain optimal balance. For people who are vata type or who have vata aggravation, the Garcinia Vata Masala will help enhance metabolism so the body can absorb and use more nutrients from the diet.  How does it work?

Garcinia for Pitta body types is an essential addition to daily diet. The misconception that pitta body types are already too hot by nature and cannot tolerate any spice leads to the “low agni/high pitta” condition that slows metabolism and results in further unwanted heat in the body, mood swings, skin rashes, and other pitta dosha associated imbalances. This masala has been formulated to help pitta cool while it enhances the agni or metabolic fire in the tissues without aggravating any pitta factors. 
This SVA Garcinia Masala is designed to enhance the metabolism of pitta aggravated body types who characteristically have low agni - digestive metabolic fire - and high pitta. Adding the Garcinia plant to a pitta pacifying spice blends makes this recipe a unique formula for supporting the digestive and metabolic fire for pittas. It also has a very unique pitta-pacifying flavor.
- Fennel gently stimulates agni without overheating, and coordinates the effects of all the other herbs.
- Rose buds are particularly cooling for sadhaka pitta (the pitta governing the heart and emotions).
- Rose hips add flavor, open the “heart lotus” and pacify sadhaka pitta.
- Rosemary opens the dehagni (cellular metabolism on the level of the tissues) and helps connect heart and mind.
- Indian Sarsaparilla cools and cleans meda (fat tissue) which holds heat in the body.
- Pushkarmool pacifies pitta and clears the lung channels.
- DGL (de-glycerized licorice) pacifies pitta in all organs and cellular systems, especially the stomach.
- Tej patta (cinnamon leaf) increases the intelligence of the pancreas, liver and spleen, and is less heating than cinnamon bark.
- Parijat, Lord Shiva’s favorite flower, helps the pitta physiology by making it more intelligent, so the body does not receive too much agni from the environment.


6 oz.


Add ½ teaspoon of Garcinia Pitta Masala per person per meal. Toast it a pan with 1/4 tsp Mum’s ghee then add to your vegetables or protein. Covered cooking will protect the energy and flavor of your dish. You can also add ½ teaspoon per person to your dahl or lentils. This masala can be used everyday for lunch and/or dinner.


Fennel ( foeniculum vulgare), coriander (coriandrum sativum), cumin (cuminum cyminum), turmeric (curcuma longa), green cardamon (elettaria cardamomum), rose buds, kalunji (nigella sativa), curry leaf, clove (syzygium aromaticum), rose hips, garcinia cambogia


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.


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