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Chandika.com is home to Vaidya Mishra's exclusive pranic formulations. 


We carry a full spectrum of SV Ayurvedic products: Tablets & Capsules; Individual Herbs & Spices; Beauty Products - Lalita’s Age-defying Facial Creams with Ayurvedic gems and bhasmas; Toxin-Free Oral Care; Transdermal Creams; Herbal Nectar Drops; Toxin-free herbal soaps; Toxin-free personal-care products and soaps; Oral Mist; Body and Hair Massage Oils; Herbal teas & coffee substitutes; Ayurvedic eye care; Probiotic Organic Ghee and other Gourmet Food Items - Salt, Preserves, and Chutneys, soup mixes; Ayurvedic Pet Care; 100% natural ayurvedic incense; Silver tongue cleaner and spice containers; and much more! 

Our SVA products are proudly made in the USA at our facilities in Southern California. 

Most herbs are sourced in India. Some herbs and plants are sourced in Europe, or the USA. Our products are organic when raw organic material are available. Label indicates it. 


What is SVA - Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda? 


SVA is a millenial ayurvedic living tradition - Vaidya Ramakant Mishra, primary Ayurvedic Physician, Researcher, Educator, and Formulator, comes from a long lineage of ayurvedic experts, who once also served as Raj Vaidyas - personal doctors to the royalty of India. The name of the lineage is “shaka vansiya” - from the island of shaka. SVA stands for Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda. 

Vaidya Mishra’s has had formal ayurvedic college education followed by years of private training with his father, Vaidya Kameswar Mishra. During his internship he was handed down specialized knowledge passed down from his SVA lineage, makes him a foremost authentic expert in herbal pharmacology, identification, selection, storage, preparation, detoxification, and formulation.   For his complete biography visit www.VaidyaMishra.com/about


What are SVA Formulations? 

Unique pranically charged formulations that are user-friendly, effective, and safe, using multiple advanced delivery systems: oral, transdermal, transmucosal, including protocols for the  Transdermal Marma System (TMS).  


ALL SVA formulations: 8.jpg

1.   have their roots in the ancient ayurvedic knowledge of combining and assembling herbal preparations. a) shastra-s, ancient vedic knowledge; they come from the shastras - 

2.   have only been improved upon to adapt to modern concerns not existing when the original formulas were put together. The SVA lineage allows specific guidelines for improving upon a formula for contemporary needs based on life-style changes, environmental changes, levels of environmental toxicity, stress factors, and any other factors not originally addressed;

3.   are backed by Vaidya’s Mishra’s 40 years of expertise and experience in clinical practice and modern ayurvedic research, in India, Europe, England, Canada, and the United States.



 Quality control and quality assurance: our quality control starts from the    collection of herbs, spices.  We collect from the source, in season, in small batches, by hand, whether it is wild-crafted or  organically grown - whenever and wherever available. Many rare herbs are gathered from remote villages where they are grown in small batches.  All batches are examined to confirm quality

9.jpg and purity. 



 Assured Purity, Guaranteed Safety

 We take your well-being seriously.  We rigorously test for heavy metals (lead,  arsenic,  cadmium and mercury); residual pesticides, and microbiological  contamination (E. coli,  coliforms, staph  and salmonella, etc). We further insure  safety and purity through our  unique sterilization method involving  ozone,  gentle steaming


 and UV light.  This method sterilizes  the herbs  without any compromise of  their effects. 






Good Manufacturing Practices 

All our products are made in strict accordance with the established GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) at each stage of production and packaging, in state-of-the-art manufacturing premises in

15.jpgIndia, and the USA. All the initial sifting, selecting, and primary processing occurs in India. Herbs are then sent over to California, for  specific blending and processin

16.jpgg to go into the SVA  formulations.








Trusted Organic & Wild-crafted Sourcing 


Our products are made with organic or wild-crafted herbs sourced from reputable s

mall-yield farmers and regional tribals.  Wild-crafted means grown in nature on unpolluted land without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.  Our well-established

working relationship with those who know the land the best allows us to bring the best  to you.










Advanced/Alternate Delivery System

SVA formulations include Vaidya Mishra’s unique transdermal creams/roll-ons, Herbal-Memory Nectar drops, Transdermal Body Oils, & Oral Mists.  This Advanced/Alternate Delivery System has an advantage over crude herbs as it by-passes the liver and the digestive system (often compromised by toxins and modern diet/lifestyle) for fast, safe delivery to the deepest level of the cellular system.

Proprietary Pranic Preservation

We do Not use chemical preservation - No benzoin, No parabens, No SLS. The original vibrational intelligence of our raw materials are full of Prana.  We then maintain the lively prana with the proprietary SVA pranic-preservation system, handed down to Vaidya Mishra through his ancient lineage.  This proprietary system maintains the prana found in the living plant.  The herb does not ‘die’ at any stage - either during harvesting, packaging, or during the shelf-life of the formulation. 

Our Promise for Quality

 We never compromise on quality or take short-cuts.  For example, we use only pure organic shea butter in our soaps, not the cheaper glycerin found in other ‘natural’ brands.  Our spice mixes smell freshly ground because they are! Made only in small batches. And because we do not use fillers, chemicals, or coloring agents.  Our massage oils are made with a base of high food-grade grapeseed oil and the herbs are classically processed in highly filtered, deodorized sesame oil and/or organic coconut oil.  Most other Ayurvedic massage oils are made in un-deodorized sesame oil and quickly become rancid and unusable.  At www.chandika.com, quality and prana matter.


Call us to find out more: 1888.3CHANDI (1.888.324.2634) or 1.818.709.1005