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Ayurvedic Ghee

NOTE: Chandika.com carries a line of pure cow ghee on our website:

The Nature and Role of Real Ayurvedic Ghee

By Vaidya R.K. Mishra

Bhava Mishra (Bhavaprakash) says that ghee...

  • is a great rasayana (rejuvenator) for the eyes
  • enhances the digestive fire while cooling and alkalizing
  • binds toxins and pacifies pitta and vata
  • with proper combining and processing, is not clogging or kapha-aggravating
  • enhances complexion and glow of the face and body
  • increases physical and mental stamina
  • supports learning, retention, and recall
  • increases longevity
  • cools and lubricates the stomach wall
  • nurtures and cleanses blood tissue

Would you like to learn more about the nature and uses of ghee from the Ayurvedic standpoint?

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