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Pitta Masala

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Do you experience a lot of heat in your body? Does your skin feel like it's burning sometimes? Do you eat constantly but never gain a pound? Or eat but never feel satisfied? You might be suffering from high pitta/ high agni and/or high pitta/low agni.

This pitta pacifying cooking masala combines the subtle aromas of 10 different spices to cool your body, balance your appetite, and keep your digestion strong and smooth.

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Pitta Aggravation

Pitta body-types receive more agni by nature. It's just the way they're born. A chili plant receives more agni than a zucchini plant by nature. That can't be changed, but when pitta body-types gets pitta aggravation, the joy of being pitta goes away.

The pitta body-type itself is very sensitive to manage. There is no buffer in the pitta physiology. If toxins must be removed, they can easily heat the body, or damage it when they come out. It takes real skill to handle pitta body types.

When you add a pitta aggravation to the mix, the challenge becomes that much more difficult. If the liver is toxic, and the blood is full of amavisha (toxicity), you have to take baby steps to get the body clean. It can take years to detox because each bit of toxin that gets removed must be neutralized immediately to prevent a reaction.

To further complicate the situation, as the body gets detoxified, the channels become more open and clean and the agnis of the body begin to burn more brightly. This is a good thing because it means that the body does not make ama (partially digested food) so easily anymore. But as agni increases, body heat can increase too. In a body that already has a lot of heat, increased agni can be a blessing in disguise.

In this situation, we need extra special treatment. Vaidya Mishra's Pitta Masala brings the needed balance.

Are Pitta Pacifying Spices Bland?

You might be thinking that a spice mix without heating spices could be boring. Certainly, it won't have the pop that Mom's Masala or Shroto Shudhi Masala have. But pitta people generally dislike anything that makes them hotter, like those spice mixes do.

On the other hand, pitta people have an uncanny ability to discern subtle flavors and aromas. This spice mixture is full of subtlety. Like Vaidya Mishra's other masalas, different foods will bring out different flavors in the mix. Any pitta palate will find satisfaction in the taste and coolness in the after effect.

Understanding Pitta and Agni More Deeply

According to Shaka Vansya Ayurveda, pitta can be thought of as fuel, like gasoline, which is comprised of lots of agni (fiery component of prana) and some soma (cool, nourishing component of prana). The soma aspect keeps pitta liquid so that it can flow in the body, and it keeps it cool so that it does not burn the channels when it flows. Pure agni (fire) would not be transportable in the body, but pitta, with its liquid form, flows easily to wherever it is needed.

Whenever an organ or cellular system needs real flame (agni) to digest, metabolize or transform something, the pitta fuel is ignited. This ignition takes place in the burners (sandhis, or gaps) and produces the needed flames (agnis) in the stomach (jataragni), in the liver (bhutagnis), between each dhatu as one tissue is transformed to another tissue (dhatvagnis) and on the cellular level (dehagnis).

The flame (agni) is what is cooking (or transforming), not the gasoline (pitta). It is challenging here because pitta must maintain some coolness otherwise spontaneous combustion can occur. And yet, pitta can't be kept too cool, because it won't flow through the channels if it congeals.

Another concern is the gap (sandhi), or burner, which must be kept clean and intelligent so that it can transform the pitta (gasoline) to flame (agni) in just the right amount whenever it is needed. The intelligence of the body controls the fire, just like a cooking stove must constantly be adjusted depending on what is being cooked.

Challenges for Pitta in this Day and Age

In today's world, there is an over-abundance of agnea (hot) food, toxic food. Hot, acidic, chemical food is the norm these days. In addition, it is common to skip or delay meals, and to spend hours upon hours exposed to electromagnetic radiation from computers, cell phones, and many other sources. All of these things burn soma, which is the balancing factor for agni. Even the water we drink is acidic and full of chemicals. What's a poor pitta person to do?

When the environment contains too much agni, there is no soma for the body to receive. It is really challenging for pitta people who's pitta is out of balance to stay calm, stay effective, and stay healthy.

The Wrong Way to Pacify Pitta

One way to pacify pitta, which doesn't work well, is to give lots of soma-predominant food and spices. These super cooling foods can freeze the pitta and block the channels, just like ghee becomes solid in cold weather. When the channels are blocked by the cold treatment, the pitta cannot move to where it is needed in the body where transformation needs to take place—in the stomach, liver, dhatus, and cellular systems. Then the flames (agnis) go out, or go low, and ama becomes an everyday phenomenon. This, of course, is a vicious cycle because ama further blocks the channels and contributes further to the demise of agni.

Also, the congealed pitta, from the freezing treatment, can get stuck inside the burners, which are essentially gaps. When the burners are clogged, no matter how much fuel is there, no flame can be ignited.

Vaidya Mishra's Recipe for High-Pitta/High-Agni

After years of experience taking care of high-pitta/low-agni individuals and high-agni/low-pitta individuals, Vaidya Mishra came up with this unique spice mix when dealing with a very high pitta body type with high pitta and high agni. This person was not even able to handle Mom's Masala, and certainly not Shroto Shudhi Masala in his food.

This recipe calms the heat of pitta, opens the channels of the five sub-doshas of pitta (pachaka, stomach; ranjaka, liver; sadhaka, heart; alochaka; eyes; brajaka, skin), and opens and cleans the macro and micro burners of the body. The delicate balance of spices in this mix make it ideal for balancing pitta without causing further problems from the treatment.

Pitta body-type is very sensitive to manage.  When pitta body-type gets pitta aggravation it becomes more difficult to manage.  When agni is also high it becomes extremely delicate.

This recipe cools the heat of pitta, opens the channels of pachaka pitta (stomach), ranjaka pitta (liver), sadhaka pitta (heart), alochaka pitta (eyes), and brajaka pitta (skin) without heating them, and cleans the burners of the dehagni (cellular metabolism) without letting agni get out of control.


Fennel gently stimulates agni without heating, coordinates the effects of all the other herbs, and balances the warming effect of turmeric.
Coriander binds the toxins in the blood and cools the organs and cellular system are particularly cooling for sadhaka pitta (the pitta governing the heart and emotions). Cumin opens the pitta channel and re-ignites jataragni (stomach agni) and cleans the metabolic burner;                                                                                             Turmeric increases the intelligence of the liver (use in very small quantities in this blend to keep pitta in check);                                                                                 Green Cardamom aromatic, enhances liver intelligence, supports protein metabolism;                                                                                                                     Rose Buds cools sadhaka pitta (in the heart)                                                                                                                                                                                     Kalunji cools kayagni (body heat)                                                                                                                                                                                                     Curry Leaf removes toxins form the liver without heating it;                                                                                                                                                               Clove opens the channels and burners in the tissues without heating them;                                                                                                                                         Rose Hips gives flavor, opens the heart lotus and pacifies sadhak pitta                                                  

Packet Size

Choose between 4 oz. and 2 oz. 


This masala has not been pre-toasted so it should not be used to sprinkle
on top of ready-made foods. It should be used as a cooking masala.

Use under the guidance of a Shaka Vansya Ayurveda practitioner.  As with all herbs, please consult with your physician before using.


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.

Warranty Information

You may return unopened containers for a refund or store credit within 30 days. Please contact us before returning any items.

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  1. perfect summer spice mix 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2019

    Just right for hot weather, or anytime of year!

  2. Great Flavor! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 31st Dec 2015

    Glad I don’t have to make my own mix anymore. This pitta spice takes care of my cooking spices and it does it flavorfully. Thank you Vaidya

  3. So Flavorful, Yet Not Heating! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Oct 2014

    This is the best Pitta Masala I've ever had. It is very flavorful, and the flavors are beautifully balanced. The intelligence in my body tells me everyday that it wants this Pitta Masala, so I use it daily.

  4. Great for calming Pitta 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Mar 2014

    This is high-quality. It contains rose petals, which really help to calm Pitta.

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