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Shroto Shudhi Abhyanga Oil

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The shrotas - physical channels in the body - are given immense importance in Shakha Vansya Ayurveda; the Ayurvedic texts say it clear and loud: “shroto mayo purusha”: “The whole body is nothing but shrotas.” But what are shrotas? Shrotas circulate and deliver nourishment; heat; energy; they carry the dhatu-s or tissues; evacuate toxins; and so much more. Only when these shrotas or channels are open and free-flowing, also not inflamed with acidic toxins, can health be optimal. Only when the channels are optimally healthy can nourishment reach deep into the body and can toxins be removed completely from the body. Ayurveda gives us many remedies and protocols to support and maintain the health of the shrotas, keeping them in optimal balance, and clear and free from seasonal accumulation. Vaidya Mishra taught extensively about how to adopt and incorporate this knowledge in our daily lives. He gave us not only herbal remedies, but also dietary and routine guidelines to help maintain the “intelligence” of our shrotas. What does that mean: the “intelligence” of the shrotas? He explained that the shrotas already know how to operate, they know how to identify between what is nourishing for the body and what can be potentially harmful, and they know how to eliminate it; they also know how much to eliminate; when to eliminate; what to absorb; how much to absorb; where to deliver things to; when to deliver; how much to deliver. It’s a very beautiful complex system organized and maintained by the laws of nature, operating in our own bodies. 

When the temperatures drop, our physical channels or shrotas shrink. That’s when it is even more important to take some remedial ayurvedic steps to keep things flowing well. For example, basic foundational ayurvedic tips to keep our physiology in balance such as: have nourishing but timely meals; maintain a regular yogic exercise routine; stick to an early rather than late bedtime; do regular self-massage with a good seasonal massage oil - Shroto Shudhi Massage oil is great for this season; make sure to schedule in uplifting down-time activities to unwind from work or daily stress.

In addition, an easy daily way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently can be achieved with just a cup of tea! Vaidya Mishra has formulated many balancing teas that help in different ways.

Shroto Shudhi tea is one of them.  Not only does it help “clean and clear” the channels as its name indicates (“shudhi” = clean, “shroto” = channels), but it also warms them up and supports overall circulation. The tea targets channels in the body carrying liquid soma (water soluble materials). This tea helps burn ama (partially digested food material) without aggravating amavisha (reactive toxins sitting in the body). If you are high pitta by nature, you can start small, with a pinch of the tea mix for 10oz water. Increase as you per your comfort. Another great way of supporting your shrotas is to do self-abhyanga(massage) with Shroto-Shudhi Massage oil. Read below for what each ingredient can  do for you. 

Bottle Size

Choose between 16 fl. oz. and 4 fl. oz.


Here’s what the massage oil contains and why it can help you: Indian Sarsaparilla: Indian Sarsaparilla purifies the fat tissue, fat channels, sweat, sweat glands, and swedavaha srotas (sweat channels) particularly purifying them of amavisha (hot, reactive toxins). Nutmeg: Nutmeg (jatiphal) has a shamaka (pacifying) effect on the nerves and calms down prana vata (governing the mind) and will help calm down hyperactivity of the channels that make occur from cleansing them; Black Pepper: Black Pepper (maricham in Sanskrit) is excellent for amapachan, burning ama in the tissues and srotamsi (channels); Sunthi: (Ayurvedic ginger) opens the channels without overheating them and with less risk of aggravating amavisha (reactive acidic toxins); Ajwain: Ajwain is another great channel opener that operates through its strong thermogenic property; Clove: Opens the channels, helps burns ama without overheating them, and gives a pleasant, stimulating fragrance; Nirgundi: Reduces inflammation and inflammatory conditions in the channels that can result in blockages; Manjistha: Opening the channels can sometimes cause unwanted reactions by the immune system, Manjistha is the perfect plant to keep the immune response under control; Coriander: Helps bind and eliminate virulent toxins stuck in the channels (heavy metals, etc.) and supports the elimination of toxins through the urinary system; Pashanbhed: Growing on rocky soil, this remarkable plant is quite useful in cases where toxins are resistant to removal because they have hardened and crystallized; Mint: Opens the nadis (vibrational channels) and srotas (physical channels), this action helps with pranic reception in the channels and gently opens them without overheating; Camphor: Camphor (kapoor) both unblocks and helps to relax the physical and vibrational channels. 


Warm the oil slightly in your sink by placing it in hot water (you may also use a massage oil warming device if you prefer). Once the oil is comfortably warm, apply a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply on your limbs and body and start massaging. Go in circular motion on the joint areas and lengthwise for the rest, on the limbs - for example going from shoulder to fingertips on your arms. Apply only gentle pressure on the stomach area and go only clockwise. After applying the oil on the whole body, allow yourself 10-15 minutes rest in a warm room – make sure there are no cold drafts - lie down, cover yourself with a towel, and close your eyes. You may also oil your hair (with a hair oil, don’t use body massage oils for the head) and cover your head while resting. You may want to wipe the oil off with paper towels before taking a bath or a shower. Repeat daily, at least on legs and arms, for optimal results. At least once a week full body massage. Three times a week full body massage is ideal. 


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.

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