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Winter Skin Care Gift Basket

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Product Description

Does someone you love get dry skin every winter?  Why not send a gift basket full of delightful skin creams this year?

This gift basket includes our most popular products for dry skin:

Lalita's Facial Cleanser
Deep Moisturizing Lotion
Lalita's Facial Oil or Facelift Cream
Lalita's Age-Defying Cream

Have You Ever Wanted to Cleanse your Face without Making It Feel Dry?

Many cleansers and soaps strip the oil from your skin.  If you already have dry skin, cleaning your face can leave it feeling uncomfortable.  Lalita's Facial Cleanser was designed especially for dry skin.  It cleanses and purifies the skin without drying or taking away the natural moisture maintained by sleshaka kapha

This gentle cleanser does not lather like a soap, and it does not remove too much excess oil.  It opens the pores and gently washes away dirt and grime that builds up every day.  And it does this, remarkably, without harming the healthy bacteria on the skin. 

Physical and Vibrational Nourishment

Lalita's Facial Cleanser nourishes the skin physically and vibrationally while it cleans.  The skin is a very intelligent organ - a gatekeeper between outer and inner.  When it is healthy, it easily handles both physical and vibrational challenges each day.  But when the intelligence of the skin decreases, our health is at risk.  Vaidya Mishra uses herbs in this formula that help to re-establish the vibrational intelligence of the skin, as well as herbs which nourish the skin physically. 

Because the cleanser does not contain any harsh chemicals such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate or Parabens, Lalita's Facial Cleanser does not harm the vibrational intelligence of the skin when it cleans. 

The aromas come from plants and are never extracted with benzene, hexane or any chemicals which kill the subtle vibrational intelligence of the herbs.  The intelligence of the plants is delivered live to your skin.  The result is a blissful feeling during and after cleansing.

Lalita's Facial Cleanser can be used anytime of day.  We recommend a morning and evening wash.  Its total moisturizing and slightly warming effect balances the dry, cold nature of winter. 

How Do I Break the Dryness Cycle?

Have you ever noticed that dryness leads to more dryness?  Once it starts, especially in winter, it can be very hard to control dry, chapped skin.  That's why Vaidya Mishra created a Deep Moisturizing Lotion.  This unique lotion penetrates to the source of dryness in the skin.  In winter, the micro-channels of the skin shrink, due to cold weather, so nourishment from inside does not always reach the surface.  This Deep Moisturizing Lotion provides the nourishment which your skin is lacking, and breaks the vicious cycle of winter dryness.

Extra Tip: In winter, carry with you Super Sport Body Mist and Sancharan Body Mist.  Before going out in the cold, spray on your feet and then put your socks on.  Sancaran will open the physical channels and Super Sport will open the vibrational channels.  According to Shaka Vansya Ayurveda, if you take care of your body's channels (both physical and vibrational) you can avoid almost all imbalances and diseases.  You will have warmer feet, and the skin will start receiving the nourishment it needs from inside the body when the channels are open and clear.

You can also use Shroto-Shudhi Tea and Shroto-Shrudhi Cooking Masala in winter to help keep the channels open.  If you have a lot of heat or toxins in the body, you should use this tea and spice mix with care or not at all.

Which Is Better, Lalita's Facial Oil or Facelift Cream?

In this gift basket we give you a choice between Lalita's Facial Oil and Lalita's Facelift Cream.  Both provide deep oleation, which is important to get to the root of dryness in the skin.  Healthy skin needs both water and lipid to maintain proper moisture.  Lipid is especially important because it protects the water in the skin from evaporation. 

For everyday dryness, use Lalita's Facial Oil.  Its contains very fine, micro-molecules of lipid which penetrate into the skin to nourish the lipid layers.  For deeper wrinkles, or deeper dryness, use Lalita's Facelift Cream.  This lipid-based cream goes even deeper than Lalita's Facial Oil and provides more lubrication to the skin.  It also takes longer to penetrate the skin and should only be used at night so that it has many hours to be absorbed. 

Lalita's Facial Oil is very light and fine for oleating the face without clogging.  It can be used during the day without giving an oily appearance to the skin.  For deeper nourishment or deep wrinkles, Lalita's Facelift Cream is best to use before bed.  Daytime use would make the face look oily.

Can I Nourish All Seven Layers of the Skin At Once?

Lalita's Age-Defying Cream, our most popular face cream, was designed specifically to nourish all seven layers of the skin.  It is a water-based cream which the skin readily absorbs, and is great for daytime use.  Before you expose your face to the cold winter wind, apply Lalita's Age-Defying Cream.  You will immediately feel it's rejuvenating effect as your skin absorbs the essence of the many divine herbs that it contains.  Don't be surprised if people comment on your lustrous, healthy looking skin.

Save 15% When You Buy this Gift Basket

Each of these products are sold separately on this website, but you can save 15% when you buy this gift bag for a friend or for yourself.

Lalita's Facial Cleanser  -  Regularly $24.99
Deep Moisturizing Lotion  -  Regularly $24.99
Lalita's Facial Oil  -  Regularly $27.49
Lalita's Facelift Cream  -  Regularly $43.99
Lalita's Age-Defying Cream  -  Regularly $70

Total -  Regularly $147.47 (with Lalita's Facial Oil) or $163.97 (with Lalita's Facelift Cream). 

Your price:  $125.35 (with Lalita's Facial Oil) or $139.35 (with Lalita's Facelift Cream).

You save:  $22.12 or $24.62

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or complement medical advice.

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