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Cold Feet Winter Gift Basket

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Do you have cold hands and feet in the winter months? Do you have trouble getting warm? Maybe you are hot inside, but your hands and feet cannot get warm. How does winter affect your body?

Circulation Suffers In The Winter

When it's cold outside, the circulatory channels in the body shrink. In fact, all the shrotas (physical channels) in the body shrink when it's cold.

It's an established biological fact that blood pressure goes up when you go outside in cold weather. There are little constrictor muscles in the blood vessels which narrow the circulatory channels when it's cold, causing pressure to rise. This is just to show you that modern physiology has documented the same effect which is described in the ancient Ayurvedic texts: the channels shrink in cold.

Why do channels shrink in cold? It comes down to survival. When the channels are dilated, more blood flows to the periphery. When this happens, it carries heat from deep inside the body to the skin where it is lost to the environment. Shrunken channels slow the loss of heat from the body, allowing us to stay alive much longer while we search for warmth.

When Channels Shrink Unnecessarily...

Biological survival mechanisms are one thing, but chronic shrunken channels are another. If your channels remain shrunken even when it's not that cold, or when your inner core is hot, you need to change the balance in your body.

Many things contribute to shrunken channels: stress, age, EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), eating nightshades, onion, garlic, large beans, bananas, winter squashes, and lack of exercise to name a few. In fact, it is rare to find a person who does not suffer from some sort of shrunken channels or another. The solution for cold feet lies in reversing this problem.

Luckily the channels of the body have been the specialty of Vaiyda Mishra's family for over 5000 years. Vaidya Mishra is very well versed in how to unblock the channels, how to clean the channels, how to alkalize the channels and how to reestablish the intelligence in the channels.

How Can I Open Channels That Have Shrunk?

The most important thing you can do for your channels is to avoid food that closes them. The nightshades, onion and garlic all close the nadis (vibrational channels in the body) and make the shrotas (physical channels) more acidic—eventually causing dryness, roughness, blockage or rupture. Winter squashes, large beans, soy and bananas all clog the physical channels. If you can avoid these foods, your battle will be halfway won.

However, if your channels are already chronically closed, you need some targeted herbs to get them open.

Sancharan Opens The Shrotas (Physical Channels)

Available both as a transdermal cream and as a body mist, Vaidya Mishra's Sancharan products specialize in making poor circulation better. The unique blend of herbs and aromas in the Sancharan formulas gently warms the tissues, opens the shrotas (physical channels) and balances the samana vata which governs circulation.

Within minutes of using Sancharan, you will feel the body's own heat becoming available in the hands and feet and on the surface of the body. When the physical channels are balanced and free of blockages, the temperature of the extremities becomes balanced too.

Use Sancharan Body Mist during the day when you need fast action, and when you don't want to ruin your clothes with oil. Vaidya Mishra recommends carrying the body mist with you during the day and spraying it on your lower legs and feet when you need it. Take off your socks and apply directly to the skin before re-covering your feet and going outside.

Use the Sancharan Transdermal Cream at night when you need prolonged release, and when you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes oil free.

Super Sport Opens The Nadis (Vibrational Channels)

Equally as important (actually even more important) than the physical channels are the body's subtle vibrational channels, or nadis. These get closed when we are stressed or exposed to too much EMF, or when we eat onion, garlic, and nicotine containing nightshades like tomato, potato, bell peppers and eggplant.

When the nadis are blocked or shrunken the intelligence in the body cannot flow, and this disturbs the physical channels too. Stress first effects the nadis but ends up causing the physical blood vessels and other channels to shrink as well.

Super Sport Body Mist is a great way to open the nadis (vibrational channels) and get the prana (intelligence of nature) flowing in the body again. This is one of our best selling products because you can feel the results right away. When the vibrational channels are blocked, you feel tension, pressure, or even pain. This blocked energy is released almost instantly when you apply Super Sport and you feel relief.

When the nadis (vibrational channels) are clear, it is then much easier for the shrotas (physical channels) to open and deliver the heat of the body to the extremities. Like Sancharan Body Mist, Vaidya Mishra recommends that you carry Super Sport Body Mist with you during the day and spray on your lower legs and feet (with socks off) before going out in the cold.

Super Sport Transdermal Cream is great to use before bed because it has a slower release of the herbs that lasts throughout the night. Apply to your lower legs and feet, and if you need it, to your arms and hands as well. Not only does it relieve the tension in the body which prevents good sleep, but it will also helps to keep your feet warm all night long.

Make This Winter A Warm One For Your Loved Ones

If you have a friend or family member who complains a lot about being cold, or having cold arms or legs, give the gift of warmth this season. You will be loved for it.

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