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Toxin Free Hair Care Gift Pack

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Product Description

The Toxin-Free Hair Care Gift Pack brings together Vaidya Mishra’s most popular hair-care products: Herb-Rich Shampoo; Herb-Rich Conditioner; and Herb-Rich Hair Oil.  All three contain a spectrum of Ayurvedic herbs put together in a synergy, so they support each other’s properties and work together to nurture, nourish, and balance the scalp and hair.  All these products are 100% natural plant extracts, free of harsh chemicals. Vaidya Mishra never uses aromas extracted by alcohol, hexane, or benzene.  His aromas are extracted from plants using water and gentle steam techniques. 

Why Toxin-Free Hair Care Matters

Have you ever noticed the foul smell of decomposing leaves in the fall, especially after rain made them wet and soggy?  This happens because the water is teaming with micro-organisms that go to work to compost the leaves.  Micro-organisms have a lot of agni, and therefore need a lot of soma.  Wet leaves are like heaven for them.  So how does a shampoo keep from ‘rotting’ when it sits on the store shelf or in your bathroom?  The answer is parabens or some other preservative.  These manmade preservatives are agneya (full of agni, or fire) and burn soma on the scalp.  They easily kill micro-organisms (which have very little soma and are desperately looking for more).   Unfortunately, preservatives do not discriminate.  Their job is simply to burn and consume soma wherever they find it.  That means any soma in your body gets burned when preservatives are absorbed.  Of course, we have more soma than micro-organisms and we don’t die outright from these preservatives they do nonetheless accumulate and act as slow poisons, called garavisha, for the body.  On top of that, chemical based hair products deplete your scalp’s friendly bacteria.  These Ayurvedic products help the friendly bacteria to thrive.

A Small Miracle

Herb-Rich Shampoo, Herb-Rich Conditioner, and Herb-Rich Hair Oil contain no parabens or sodium laurel sulfate.  Yet they have a long shelf life.  How did Vaidya Mishra accomplish this feat?  Have you ever noticed that plants have a built-in way of protecting themselves from decay?  They only rot when they die, or when they get old or weak.  What factor protects a plant from decay?  It is the natural intelligence inside the plant.  When the prana of a plant is strong, no bacteria have a chance to attack it. Similarly, Vaidya Mishra utilizes the built-in intelligence of the herbs in his herb rich formulas to protect them from decay.   The use of the herbs’ own intelligence makes these hair products alive.  Instead of putting toxins on your scalp, you put energy and life.  The physical properties of the herbs nourish the skin and scalp and the vibrational energy, or prana, in the herbs is absorbed by the adipati marma in the head.  You get the best of both worlds:  great physical nourishment and great vibrational nourishment. 

Toxin-Free Gift Pack Protects Your Adhipati (Master Marma)

Do you know what part of the body receives more prana than any other part?  The adipati marma (master marma) and brahma randra (vibrational filter) sit at the crown of the head with the main purpose of receiving and delivering nature's vibrational intelligence from the environment to the body.   The skin of the scalp (and rest of the body) absorbs whatever we apply.  This is one of the reasons it’s essential not to place any toxic substances on the scalp, especially parabens and SLS (sodium laurel sulfate).  Paraben and SLS are commonly – and unfortunately – found in most shampoos, soaps, detergents, and toothpastes.   Both substances are known carcinogens and disturb the adhipati marma and thus the entire body.   

Herb-Rich Hair Oil for Deeper Nourishment and Luster

Your scalp needs lipid soluble nourishment and detoxification as well as water soluble.  The herbs in this hair oil were chosen specifically for their nurturing and detoxifying effect on the lipid layers of the scalp.  Using Herb-Rich Hair Oil before washing your hair leaves a micro-residue of oil on the hair.  It will give your hair more flexibility, resilience, and luster.  You will feel like you're having a good hair day every day!

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Each of these products is sold separately on this website; but you can save 15% when you buy this gift pack for a friend or for yourself.

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Herb Rich Hair Oil  - 4 oz. Regularly $32.99

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