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Soma Nidra Body Cleansing Pouches For Sleep

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Product Description

Do you have trouble unwinding in the evening after a full day?

When we don't unwind before we go to bed, we may often find ourselves lying there awake. We think we've been unwinding by watching TV in the evening, but our lack of sleep tells us otherwise. Television and computers keep the mind moving from one screen to the next. They don't really give the mind a break.

A Bath Can Help You Unwind

A great way to leave the pressures and the worries of the day behind and to decompress completely is to draw a nice warm bath to soak up all your stress. Water has a lot of soma (nourishing vibration) which can absorb the excess agni (transforming vibrations) and marut (deciding and moving vibrations) from the day.

The warmth of the water also helps to open up the vibrational and physical channels in the body so that the balanced flow of prana (soma, agni and marut) is restored in the body. When prana is flowing in a balanced way, vata does not get disturbed. When the flow of prana is blocked in any way, we get agitated.

Imagine a pinball bouncing in a pinball game. When it rolls unimpeded, it's movement is graceful. But when it gets stuck between two bumpers it bounces back and forth with lots of agitation. This is exactly what happens to the mind when the flow of prana gets blocked. The energy which normally flows starts bouncing back and forth and our minds just won't relax.

Add More Relaxation To Your Bath With Herbs

A bath opens the channels and lets the prana flow again, and takes away the agitation. If you want to add more relaxation and channel opening ability to your bath, these Soma Nidra Body Cleansing Pouches deliver powerful herbs through the skin while you bathe.

Lavender calms the mind and heart. Valerian calms the mind, and it unblocks and detoxifies the physical channels if they are full of ama (partially digested food material). Chamomile is well known for its calming properties and its ability to settle you for sleep.

These three herbs help remove the stress of life even more easily and thoroughly than a bath can do alone. They help connect the vibrational body with the flow of soma. When the vibrational body is relaxed and the channels are open to receive soma, sleep comes easily and your rest is deeply satisfying.

This product contains two cleansing pouches (2oz muslin bags) containing the herbs just mentioned, and organic oatmeal. When you dip the pouch into warm milk and rub it on your skin like soap, it cleans the skin while nourishing it.

Milk and oatmeal both contain a lot of soma. The combination of opening the channels with herbs and warmth and providing soma to the skin with water, milk and oatmeal has the effect of calming and deeply relaxing your mind and body.

Afterwards, it is necessary to use Vaidya Mishra's Deep Moisturizing Lotion to restore soma to the skin because the herbs do draw out toxins, and toxins burn soma. Vaidya Mishra suggests using the Deep Moisturizing Lotion on the lower arms and legs (below the elbows and knees) and on the spine.

Learn more about the Ayurvedic perspective of sleep. Read Vaidya Mishra's article: "Quality Sleep: Balancing Soma in the Physiology," and listen to his four-hour audio course: "Nidra - Learn How to Get a Deeply Restful Sleep." 


Two muslin pouches, each containing 2oz. of oatmeal and herbs.  One pouch is good for one bath.


Dip one muslin pouch into warm milk and use like a natural, oatmeal soap in your bath. Afterwards, use Vaidya Mishra’s Deep Moisturizing Lotion on your arms, legs and spine to restore soma to the skin where toxins were drawn out by this treatment.


Organic Oatmeal acts as a natural cleanser, binds toxins that come out from the skin, and gives soma (nourishment) to the skin.
Organic Lavender Flowers calm the mind and heart in preparation for sleep.
Organic Valerian calms the mind and detoxifies the physical channels if they contain ama (partially digested material).
Organic Chamomile Flowers calm the mind and help set the stage for deeply restful sleep.

Our Other Sleep Products

Soma Nidra Tea For Sleep

  • Calms the mind and opens the brain's channels to receive soma.
  • Has a delightful aromatic flavor.
  • Opens the nadis (vibrational channels) in the body so that soma can nourish and rejuvenate the body all night long.
  • Helps take away the pressure of thinking too much.
  • Helps reduce emotional stress.

Pro-Sleep Plus Transdermal Cream

  • Delivers calming herbs through the skin for a prolonged release throughout the night.
  • Bypasses a weak digestive system or liver filled with toxins to deliver the needed herbs directly to the brain and other organs.
  • Has a delightfully calming aroma.
  • Can be applied to the marma points (specific points on the skin which are connected to the nadis, the body's internal, vibrational channels).  The divine vibration of the herbs helps to open the nadis (vibrational channels) of the body.  When the nadis are open, the vibrational body can connect to the flow of soma (nature's nurturing intelligence) during the night and get rejuvenated.

Restful Sleep Herbal Memory Nectar

  • Contains the subtlest vibration of the herbs that will balance the mind for sleep.
  • Does not have to pass through a weak digestive system or a corrupt liver but can deliver the vibration of the herbs directly to the brain.
  • One to two drops should be taken in one to two liters of neutral-pH spring water and sipped throughout the day.
  • Helps prevent shrinking of the vibrational channels during the activity of the day so, when it's time to sleep, you're ready.

Pro-Sleep Soma Nidra Aroma Oil

  • Delivers the calming and channel opening herbs you need through the air you breathe all night long.
  • Can be used in an evening bath to calm the mind after a long day of work.

Soma Nidra Soap For Blissful Sleep

  • Use in the shower or bath before bed to wash the stress of the day away.
  • The herbs are transdermally absorbed and travel directly to the brain to calm the mind.
  • The aroma of this delightful soap also calms the mind and fills the whole bathroom with its scent.
  • Contains no harsh chemical preservatives (like parabens) or foaming agents (like sodium laurel sulfate and other sulfates).

Soma-Cal Capsules

  • Helps promote sleep by providing the raw material of soma in physical form.
  • Also provides vibrational soma: coral is full of vibrational soma from the ocean. It also has a lot of vibrational soma from the moonlight under which this coral is processed, and the rose water used in processing this amazingly subtle product.


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.

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