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Immunity Support Kit

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Do you or your children get colds or flus in the winter? It happens to a lot of us. But do you know that a 5000 year-old Ayurvedic science has a detailed description of our body's own natural immunity and suggests how to support the body's system that is already helping us not to get sick every minute? 

Why then do we get sick?

Bugs Alone Don't Make Us Sick 

Did you know that the bacteria that cause pneumonia are floating around all time? We touch them, we inhale them, we eat them. There are billion, trillions, gazillions of microbes floating by us all the time. And yet we don't get sick, until we do.


What makes us fall into trouble? It can't just be the bugs or we'd be sick all the time. Our immune system has perfected the art of isolating harmful bacteria and viruses and killing them so they cannot do us harm. As long as we are balanced, our immune system does its work and we stay healthy.

How We Compromise Our Immune System 

Excessive work, late nights, daytime sleep, stress, channel clogging food, low digestive fire and cold weather all contribute to a weakness of immunity. When immunity is compromised, the bugs that would be killed as soon as they set foot inside the body end up multiplying... and we get sick.

All of these factors that compromise our immunity ultimately boil down to two things: shrinking or blocking of the body's channels and poor digestion. Poor routine and stress shrink the nadis (vibrational channels). Cold weather shrinks the shrotas (physical channels). Low digestive fire and bad food (which leave a residue of ama in the body) clog the shrotas (physical channels).


When the channels are shrunken and clogged, ama (partially digested food) gets stuck in the channels and turns to amavisha (poison ama) due to fermentation. Amavisha is highly acidic toxic material which sparks an inflammation reaction. The immune system gets involved trying to put out the fires caused by amavisha and gets spread too thin to deal with the normal invaders which enter our bodies all the time.



So whenever we are creating any kind of ama or toxins, this is making our body more fertile for pathogens.  Ayurveda has understood this for centuries and has a detailed decscription of this process as a sidhanta (theory) of bhumi (land) and beej (seed).  A toxic body becomes a kind of fertilizer (or land) for the bacteria or pathogen (seed), which can then find a home and grow within us despite our wishes to stay well.   

Also, when the channels are blocked, nourishment from the blood cannot reach all tissues in the body effectively, thereby weakening them. And waste products cannot get out of the tissues and be carried away by the blood as they normally are.


The result is a weakening, an acidification and a build-up of toxins in the tissues. When invading microbes make their way into the body, they find a perfect growing environment there with very little resistance from the weakened tissues.  

Boost Your Natural Immunity 

Your body knows how to get rid of invaders. It was born knowing. It just can't function properly when it's loaded down with toxins, undigested food and blocked channels.


If you want to boost your immunity, the first step should always be to look at your routine and your diet. Are your going to bed early? When you stay up late you burn the soma (the cooling, nourishing intelligence of nature) in your body and you don't receive the soma that you normally get when you sleep. This contributes to a build up of acid in the body and more weakening of the tissues and immune system.

Are you stressed? Everyone knows that stress represses immunity. Be responsible. Do you really have to do it all?  There are many ways to reduce stress... find the ones that work for you and do them.

Do you spend too much time on the computer? EMF shrinks the nadis (vibrational channels) and blocks the normal flow of prana in the body. You can build up head pressure, overall tension, or pain in the body, when the nadis are blocked. And this lack of normal flow of prana in the body affects the agnis (digestion and metabolism) contributing to more ama, amavisha and lower immunity.

What foods are you eating regularly? Try to avoid tomato, potato, bell pepper, eggplant, onion, garlic, winter squashes, soy, large beans, and bananas. All of these foods block the vibrational or physical channels in the body which automatically lower your immunity. Also, try to use good spices so that your food is satisfying and you don't end up overeating and putting out your digestive fire.

Do you have slow digestion? Try eating food that is more easily digestible. Eat smaller portions more frequently. And use more spices in your food. The ayurvedic texts say that when agni (digestive and metabolic fires) are balanced, no disease can occur.

Vaidya Mishra's Immunity Support Kit

In addition to these tips, you can further boost your immune system with these products from Vaidya Mishra, wrapped together in one convenient gift pack (and marked down for the winter season by 15%).

Shroto Shudhi Masala Spice Mix To Boost Immunity

The best way to stay healthy this winter is to keep your digestion strong and your channels open. Shroto Shudhi Masala does just this. It is a more pungent spice mix than Mum's Super Spice, and is especially good for the winter months (use with care if you are a high pitta--don't use if you suffer from hot, burning sensations in the body). This savory spice mix should be cooked into the food (it is not an instant masala which you can sprinkle on the food without cooking).

You will find that your digestion is strong and healthy, and your channels are open and clear, when you use this tasty masala.

Soma Salt Avoids Inflammation Caused By Other Salts

Most salts are very heating to the body. Due to the balance of minerals in Soma Salt (including a lot of calcium), it does not heat the body like other salts do. It tastes almost sweet. The result is that your food cooked with Soma Salt does not increase inflammation and acidity in the body.

In the winter, when the channels are more shrunken and clogged, and ama is stuck in the tissues, inflammation can increase. The ama gets transformed into amavisha causing inflammation in the body. If heating salt is added to the body at this time, the inflammation is aggravated and the immune system is compromised even further.

By using Soma Salt, you gently stimulate your digestive agni without inflaming the tissues and weakening the body in the winter when the immune system may be already compromised.

Herbal Memory Nectar Drops For Immunity

One of Vaidya Mishra's specialties is to capture the prabhavas (special properties) of the herbs he uses and deliver them directly to the targeted areas in your body without having to go through the digestive system. In today's world, almost everyone's liver, digestion and metabolism is weak. Crude herbs must pass through the weakened digestive and metabolic systems and often do not get transformed into anything useful for the body.

Vaidya Mishra's Herbal Memory Nectar Drops, capture the prabhava (special property) of the herb and deliver it ready-to-use to the tissues. The following Herbal Memory Nectar Drops are especially useful in the winter to boost immunity. Use one to two drops in one to two liters of neutral pH spring water and sip throughout the day.

Turmeric Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - Turmeric is known for its ability to support the liver's intelligence and in making 'smart' blood.  The body needs this 'smart' blood to keep the body less fertile for bad bacteria and other pathogens. 


Cinnamon Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - Cinnamon supports the body's process of sugar metabolism.  When sugar is not metabolized, it turns to ama (partially digested material in the body) and quickly becomes amavisha (poison ama), making the body more acidic. This acidic state of the body, with lots of sweet ama (partially digested sugar) in the tissues, is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Clove Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - Clove is a divine spice which opens the shrotas (physical channels) without heating the body. This is a very special property of clove and is great for helping to get rid of amavisha in the body.

Immuno Support Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - This proprietary blend gently and powerfully supports the body's power to keep its 'land' (bhumi) infertile at the time when it is challenged most.

Vidanga Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - Vidanga is mentioned in ancient texts as the best herb which has a special effect on the cellular system to create an environment against bad bacteria.  

Tulsi Herbal Memory Nectar Drops - Tulsi is a divine herb well known for its ability to boost the immune system and kill germs. Tulsi reestablishes the connection and communication between the body and the environment so that our body can receive more healing energy from nature and keep the 'land' (bhumi) infertile for unfriendly bacteria. 

Vidanga Oil For the Nostrils

Many bacteria and viruses enter the body through the nostrils. And the sinuses and mucous membranes in the head are often full of ama and amavisha making the nasal area a perfect home for the invaders. When you put a drop of Vaidya Mishra's Vidanga Oil in each nostril every day, you make it harder for the 'seeds' (beej) to establish a home in your head. Vidanga creates a specific environment inside the nostril to give a more natural defensive aspect to this channel. In addition, Vaidya Mishra's Vidanga Oil opens the vibrational and physical channels in the nasal area which strengthen the tissues and helps the body to prevent infection. 

Make This Winter A Healthy One

Give the gift of immunity to your friends, your family and yourself.  With a little attention to routine and diet, and the powerful herbs contained in this gift basket, winter sickness won't stand a chance this year.

Save 15% When You Buy this Gift Basket

This basket includes the following, each available separately on this site:

Shroto Shudhi Masala (2 oz size)  -  Regularly: $11.50
Soma Salt  -  Regularly:  $10.99
Turmeric Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly: $22.50
Cinnamon Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly:  $22.50
Clove Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly: $22.50
Immuno Support Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly:  $22.50
Vidanga Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly: $22.50
Tulsi Herbal Memory Nectar Drops  -  Regularly:  $22.50
Vidanga Sinus Oil  -  Regularly: $30.00

Total  -  Regularly:  $187.49

Your Price:  $159.37  (You Save:  $28.12)


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All f the information above is intended for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or complement medical advice.

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We guarantee your satisfaction. If you would like to return this basket, please fill out a return authorization on this website or call us. We will refund any unopened products when we receive them.

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