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Home - Detox Manual - with Recipes

  • "The science of Ayurveda is not man-made knowledge, it is made by the creator of this universe. It is the 'maintenance manual' for the human body, thus it is never outdated." 
 With Vaidya's simple and easy to follow Home-Detox Manual you can chose from daily, weekly, or monthly detox protocols.
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Now you can take charge of your own life and detox, in the comfort of your own home, safely, easily and effectively, with Vaidya's newest book. The first portion of the book lays-out the central SVA concepts that make detox a successful experience -  from the 4 types of toxins, to the role that circulatory - physical and vibrational - channels play in toxins. Learning about these and incorporating changes into your diet and lifestyle will make a difference long-term, as it helps you navigate the endless stream of products and choices that meet us in our commodified world. Choosing the right products and the right food ingredients so as to stop the intake of toxins transdermally, orally, and otherwise, is the first step ever towards detox. 


The accumulation of toxins in the body is a naturally occurring phenomenon. The body produces waste-products on a daily basis. These are known as mala-s in Ayurveda: feces, urine, sweat, etc. It is only when these waste-products are allowed to linger, that they become toxic. This is one source of endogenous or internal toxic build-up.

Another source of internal toxins comes from poor digestion. Poor digestion can result from poor dietary habits: eating on the run; eating in front of the TV; eating indigestible food; overeating; etc. Toxins made from poorly digested food matter are known as ama. If we do not evacuate ama, if we let it stay in our bodies, it becomes virulent, more acidic and toxic in nature, and it turns into amavisha- a highly reactive type of toxin.

But, nowadays, exogenous or externally induced toxins are just as harmful as endogenous toxins. The environment we live in can be highly toxic, starting with the personal care products we use – shampoo, deodorant, etc; to house-cleaning products; preservatives and chemicals used in dyes; clothing; furniture; etc. Another kind of exogenous toxicity that affects our overall health has to do with EMF overload from cell-phones, microwaves, and the overuse of electric devices such as computers, etc.

Proper detox is essential for long-term health and happiness. But proper detox depends on many factors, not just switching to a better diet and exercising! If your detox pathways are damaged or blocked; if the season is not right for detox; or you are currently going through emotional or mental stress; then you may dislodge your toxins without properly evacuating them and they will most likely end up roaming around and damaging organs, organ systems, or even the cellular intelligence of your body, resulting in severe imbalances and eventually incurable chronic conditions.

In this book, I cover all possible types of toxins present in our modern world. You will learn how there are different types of toxins that carry a different solubility based on their own chemical composition. You will then see how you can evacuate toxins based on their make-up or type, and which channels or detox pathways to use to eliminate specific toxins in an easy, safe, and effective way. You will also learn how it is not enough to detox, but it is very important to nourish: when you detox you eliminate toxic waste that was occupying space. You need to replace that toxic waste that was eliminated by nurturing molecules or particles. Detox and rejuvenation are the 2 strokes of one protocol. Neither is complete without the other.

The self-detox protocol outlined in this book has been practically applied by many SVA practitioners and followers across the United States and Canada, successfully, for the past several years. Now you can also learn how to do your own home-detox, minimize the build-up of future toxic waste, and rejuvenate!

Vaidya RK Mishra

March 11, 14

Woodland Hills, California



There is nothing more precious than experiencing radiant health. How can we enjoy our birthright - higher states of consciousness and the bliss that lies latent in every cell in our bodies - if we are feeling sick, tired, depressed and our physical bodies are laden with toxins?

But robust health is a rare commodity these days, as we fall victim to the temptations of eating unhealthy processed foods, go to bed late and then just pop pills for the ailments that will eventually arise from this type of lifestyle.

There is a way out however, and it is totally within your reach. The key to good health is 3-fold: eat healthy, keep a good daily routine, (going to bed early and waking up early), and learn correct detoxification.

When I tell patients they need to do these 3 things in order to regain their health, they automatically start telling me of the cleanse they just finished - they either did a maple syrup-cayenne pepper cleanse, or a series of colonics or a liver cleanse using milk thistle. Many of them have taken harsh herbal laxatives such as cascara sagrada and senna. Yet, even though they have just finished their cleanse they are not only still highly symptomatic, but more often than not, they are in worse shape than before they started their cleanses.

So here we have a beautiful booklet by Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra, where he systematically and sequentially unfolds the knowledge of his divine family lineage, Shaka Vansya Ayurveda (SVA for short).

As you read through the pages, you will be struck by the attention to detail Vaidya Mishra brings to whatever he does. He describes everything you need to know about detoxification: the 4 types of toxins and where they come from, a thorough discussion of the physical and vibrational channels and the role they play in the detox process. Then he describes in even greater detail the actual cleanses - keeping in mind that we not only want to pull out the toxins, but we want to direct them to the bowel and kidneys for evacuation and we  also want to bind them while waiting for evacuation from these areas so they do not start roaming and creating havoc somewhere else in the body. And while doing all this, we have to keep the liver cool so the patient doesn't develop rashes on the skin or develop loose bowel movements.

Having taken thousands of patients through this cleansing process, paying attention to these details as the patients do their cleanses, I can tell you this type of detox works extremely well - and best of all it is fairly easy and safe to do.

Many times, a patient will come up to me and ask me if there is a cure for cancer. This is your "cure" right here, in the pages of this booklet. And it turns out that the cure for not only cancer, but any serious disease you can think of, comes in its prevention - again, by eating healthy, going to bed early and learning correct simple daily detoxification procedures.

I see thousands of patients each year. And I see lots of suffering. But I can tell you honestly and with strong conviction: the suffering can be alleviated - it is within your reach - and you, like all of my patients can do this - you will be amazed at how quickly your health returns, thanks to the guidance and teachings of Vaidya Mishra and his millennial healing family lineage.


Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

Cinnaminson, New Jersey

March 2014 

Table of Contents 


A.            Ama                                             

B.            Amavisha                                    

C.            Garvisha                                      

D.            Indra/vajra/avijanya/visha


II. TYPES OF CHANNELS: Physical Channels (Srotas) and Vibrational Channels (Nadis)


A. Vibrational Channels (Nadis) & Prana  

     1)            Soma   

     2)            Agni    

     3)            Marut 

B. Physical Channels (Srotas)    





A.   Three Types of Srota Problems from Physical Toxins  

1) Blocking of the Srotas

2) Hardening of the Srotas

3) Rupture of the Srotas


B. Disturbance in the Nadis from Vibrational Toxins



A.   Water soluble


B.    Lipid soluble  


C.    Vibrational soluble  





A.  Daily Detoxification Program 

1)      Bowel Evacuation  

2)      Hydration and Urination  

3)      Exercise and Sweating  


4)      Abyanga and Bathing


5)      Avoiding the Intake of Toxins


6)      Rejuvenation and Nourishing Diet


B.Weekly Detoxification Program 

1)      Planning When to Start


2)      Diet
3)      Elimination via the Colon  


4)      Hydration and Elimination via the Urinary System and Kidneys  


5)      Rest


6)      Rejuvenation and Nourishing Diet


C.  Fortnightly Detoxification Program


D.  Monthly Detoxification Program   

E.  Seasonal Detoxification Program   

1)      Purpose  


2)      Regimen  


3)      Rejuvenation and Nourishing Diet





A. Avoiding the Intake of Toxins

1)      Resources for Avoiding Toxic Household Cleaning Products  

2)      Resources for Avoiding Toxic Cosmetics/Body Care Products   

3)      Guides for Avoiding Pesticide Residues in Food  

4)      Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

5)      Avoiding Excessive EMF and EMR Exposure


B. Prepare the Organs and Channels

1)      Lubricate the Channels

2)      Keep Organs Healthy

3)      Identification of the Type of Toxins, Proper Use of Herbs and Spices with the Proper Medium for their Removal

C. Neutralize the Reactivity of the Toxins





A. Proper SVA Diet

B. General SVA Principles on How to Eat

C. General SVA Dietary Recommendations



A.            Bread

Barley Quinoa Bread


B.            Soups

1) Tapioca and Arrowroot Soup (10 Minute Soup)

2) Kitchadi Soup

3) Detoxification Soup with Moringa

4) Toxin-Binding Kitchadi

C. Protein Recipes

1) Green Protein Recipe

2) Variation: Green protein Probiotic for Colon Detoxification

3) Vegetarian Protein with Red Lentil

4) Quinoa and Rice Soup

5) Barley and Quinoa Kitchadi Soup

6) Quinoa, Barley and Mung Dal

D. Vegetables Recipes

1) Lauki (Doodi) and White Daikon Radish Detoxification Soup

2) Bitter Melon (Karela)

3) Crispy Bitter Melon (Karela)

4) Lauki (Doodi)

5) Lauki (Doodi) & Green Papaya

6) Lauki (Doodi) & Beets

7) Asparagus and White Daikon Radish

8) Taro Root Puree (Mashed Potato Substitute)

E. Chutney Recipes

1) Apple and Pear Chutney

2) Apple Chutney

3) White Daikon Radish Chutney

4) Tamarind Chutney

5) Tamarind Cranberry Chutney

6) Tamarind Prune Chutney

7) Cilantro Chutney

8) Grape & Almond Chutney

E. Drink Recipes

1) Hydrating/Detoxification Tea

2) Rehydration Drink

3) Digestive Lassi

4) Ayurvedic Buttermilk


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Product Reviews

  1. Follow with confidence 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Apr 2014

    With this book, there comes the confidence of following recipes built directly on the platform of fundamental principles of Ayurveda, and extremely helpful to maintain good health (both body and mind) in the long term, particularly in modern times.

    This is a great reference book, a must-have. It is a beautiful condensed summary of invaluable suggestions to maintain good physical and mental health in modern times. It is much more than a detox manual, and a very safe one at that. Following the advice in this book can keep chronic and serious ailments away in the long term. Very nicely and simply and scientifically explained. Can trust every word of this book with confidence.

    Very grateful for this book.

  2. Excellent and well written book 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2014

    This is a very useful guide with knowledge and recipes. It covers a wide range of toxic foreign influences on the body. It is highly organized and informative for today's world. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in natural health.

    Note: I have a question with the green drink of paneer and greens about the bacterial effect of yogurt added being eliminated by the heat of the drink. Also, I use yogurt instead of lemon juice for making paneer--it's easier and less acidic.

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