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Divine Masala & Soma Salt Gift Basket

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Product Description

Do you know someone who loves to cook? Cooks are always looking for refinement... subtle new flavors to make their dishes come alive. The gourmand studies taste and notices the subtle differences in spicing and proportions. A few seconds too little or too long on the stove make a world of difference to someone who appreciates the finer side of food.

Open Up A World Of Hidden Taste With Mum's Masala Super Spice Mix

For those who like to explore the cutting edge of flavor, introduce a delicious bouquet of spices that will make their mouthes water. Mum's Masala is an ancient formula passed down for generations in Vaidya Mishra's Ayurvedic Family.

You can taste this spice mix from any angle and its flavor will surprise you. Each time you try a combination of this spice with something new, it reveals another hidden side of its subtle nature.

Mum's Masala sauteed with okra give a rich hearty flavor, yet cooked with louki it yields a delicate sweetness. Add this masala to a dish of lentils and you will find true satisfaction. Sprinkle on your yogurt for a hint of pungency.

Mum's Masala never met a vegetable it didn't like, and like good friends, it has a way of bringing out the best in each of them.

From the perspective of health, this masala has been used for generations to stimulate all the agnis, or digestive fires, needed in the body to transform food into the various tissues. But the specialty of this aromatic blend of spices is that it stimulates the agnis in a balanced way. Each spice is combined in a specific ratio with all the others so that the effect of each is balanced with the rest.

The result is that your food gets transformed without ama (partially digested food in the body) and becomes healthy tissues. It also means that you don't feel heavy after eating, and don't leave the table craving something more.

Satisfy your taste buds, stimulate your agnis, and open up your consciousness.

Food is directly related to higher states of consciousness. It is food which ultimately nourishes the brain. And the brain must be clear, alert, and well nourished to support higher states of consciousness. When you use Mum's Masala, you ensure that the nourishment in your food gets transformed into what the body needs and what the brain can use. When you take care of the nervous system this way, you prepare the ground for the experience of enlightenment.

How Subtle Is Your Salt?

We don't tend to think a lot about the salt we use. It's just salt, right? But ask a cook about the different types of salt and you'll get a lecture on the fine distinctions. Some salts are very heating. Some have undertones of mineral flavors. There is a world of salt beneath the common understanding of NaCl.

Charak Samhita, the oldest text of Ayurveda, describes seven types of salt and praises sindava lavan, Soma Salt, as the best one to eat. Vaidya Mishra calls sindava lavan Soma Salt because it contains much more calcium and cooling minerals than other salts. Soma is the cooling, nurturing intelligence in nature—the lunar energy.

When you cook with Soma Salt you get a balanced amount of trace minerals and an overall cooling effect. You will notice right away that Soma Salt is less "salty" than other salts. It has a gentle taste, which stimulates the appetite but does not heat the body like straight NaCl does.

Soma salt brings out the flavors in the food without dominating them. It allows for the more subtle flavors to be felt. Everyone knows how hard it is to hear a whisper when people are shouting all around. Many flavors go unnoticed when strong salts are used. With Soma Salt you have a chance to experience the divinity in your food.

In today's world of toxic livers, acidic blood, and hot body temperatures, it's nice to find a salt that doesn't heat the body like the rest.  Enjoy the flavor of good salt without burning up your soma.

Powerful Tools In Any Cook's Arsenal

When you combine Mum's Masala and Soma Salt you can open up a world of flavor that you might have only dreamed about. The flavors of the spices in Mum's Masala are very subtle. They reach to edge of what can physically be tasted; they cross over to the subtle world of spiritual vibration. When combined with Soma Salt, a subtle amplifier for these flavors, our exploration of the inner world of taste begins anew. What flavors will you uncover next?

Give the gift of flavor to someone who can appreciate the finer things in life.

Save 15% When You Buy This Gift Basket

This basket includes the following, each available separately on this site:

Pitta Masala  -  Madhur (Sweet) Masala -  Spicy Mum's Super-Spice  - Shroto-Shudhi Cooking Masala  -  Soma Salt -  




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