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Ashwagandha Herbalized Soap

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Product Description

The main prabhava (property) of ashwaghanda is balya, meaning that it gives bala (strength). In Ayurveda, bala can signify many different kinds of strength: mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual. Ashwagandha mainly gives mental and physical strength, as well as sexual stamina.

Ashwa is the Sanskrit word for "horse," and gandha is the word for "smell," or essential character. It is the essential character of horses to be strong, and to easily cope with ever increasing workloads. Ashwagandha gives you a great ability to handle stress, especially mental stress, by making you strong like a horse.

Learn seven other prabhavas (special qualities) of ashwagandha in Vaidya Mishra's 32 minute audio lecture: Ashwagandha - Learn About a Great Herb for Stamina, available for instant download for $0.99.  In this lecture you will also learn other important names and physical properties of this famous Ayurvedic herb directly from the Sanskrit verses.

In Ayurveda, ashwagandha is not recommended for people with a pitta physiology, or with lots of amavisha (acidic, reactive toxins) in the body. The reason is that ashwagandha has both an ushna guna (warming physical effect) and ushna virya (deeply heating quantum property, or potency).

Luckily, Vaidya Mishra's Ashwagandha Soap delivers the balya prabhava (strengthening quality) of ashwagandha without its ushna guna (heating quality). Gunas are physical properties. Since the soap does not contain the physical herb, just its essence, in a cooling, nurturing base of organic shea butter, you get the benefit of ashwagandha without the heating effect. This is the perfect delivery system for ashwagandha in the pitta physiology.

Start your day with extra herbal support for mental and physical stamina. This is one of Vaidya Mishra's most delicious smelling soaps—the whole bathroom is filled with its aroma—and, no, it doesn't smell anything like a horse!


“Total Ashwagandha” (Vaidya Mishra’s proprietary herbal blend), Grapefruit, Sweet Orange, in a base of Shea butter, Coconut oil, Palm oil, and Safflower oil, with Sorbitol, Sorbitane and Purified water

Soap Size

130 gm


Use in the shower or bath, by the sink, or wherever you keep soap. You can use on the hands, the face, or the body.

As with all herbs, please consult your physician before using.

Ashwagandha In Our Other Products

Ashwagandha Herbal Memory Nectar

  • Gives just the prabhavas (special qualities) and sukshma bhag (subtle essence) of ashwagandha without its physical (heating) properties.
  • Provides a very gentle delivery of this powerful herb.
  • Is suspended in the nectar of sweet squashes to balance the warming effect of ashwagandha.
  • Should be added to 1 to 2 liters of cool water and sipped throughout the day, also minimizing the ushna (heating) quality of the herb.
  • Does not have to go through the digestive, metabolic or liver system which could corrupt the herb's intelligence.
  • Is ready to be absorbed and used by the brain and body to help improve stamina against stress.

Ashwagandha Transdermal Cream

  • Strengthen the mind by delivering the balya prabhava (strengthening quality) of ashwagandha to the brain transdermally (through the skin).
  • Receive the benefit of this herb without overwhelming the body with it's ushna guna (heating quality)—important for the high-pitta physiology.
  • Bypass the liver and digestive system (if these are weak, or toxic, they can corrupt the herb or prevent it from being fully utilized).
  • Enjoy continuous absorption through the skin for several hours (such as when you sleep).

Total Ashwagandha Tablets

  • Very high quality, wildcrafted, herbal supplement
  • Good for kapha and vata people, that don't need to worry about the ushna guna (heating quality).
  • Gives the physical properties of the herb, which are sometimes necessary.

Ashwagandha Plus Tablets

  • Very high quality, wildcrafted, herbal supplement
  • Contains DGL (de-glycerized licorice).
  • Ok for pitta people, who need the warming quality of ashwagandha to be balanced by the cooling quality of DGL.
  • Gives the physical properties of the herb, which are sometimes necessary.


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.

Warranty Information

You may return unopened containers for a refund or store credit within 30 days. Please contact us before returning any items.

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Product Reviews

  1. Fantastic soap for daily use 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Sep 2020

    The fragrance alone is enough reason to use this soap. It is slightly rich for my skin which tends to be oily and troublesome. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it especially for skin that is normal to dry.

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