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SVA Guduchi with Glutathione Transdermal Cream

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SVA Guduchi with Glutathione Transdermal Cream  Guduchi’s Detox & Rejuvenation Power + Transdermal Glutathione Supplementation

What happens when the SV Ayurveda tradition meets up with modern science?  We get cutting-edge herbal synergies crafted to address conditions that didn’t exist before the modern era. Ayurvedic seers made provisions new formulations that could be made fully in accordance to ayurvedic precepts in order to address new imbalances in the future. Vaidya Mishra gave us such “new” formulations to address modern ailments. This formula is one of them.

Vaidya Mishra combines the classically used herb Guduchi, renowned for detoxification and rejuvenation, with Glutathione, recognized by modern science for its potent antioxidant properties that help prevent and reverse oxidative stress, implicated in many diseases.

Drawing from modern research on glutathione and his in-depth knowledge on guduchi, Vaidya Mishra combined them in this transdermal cream to simultaneously address three primary factors: 1) Impaired detoxification functioning by the liver, 2) compromised cellular-detox intelligence and 3) reduced glutathione or the near complete lack of this master antioxidant as a result of unwholesome diets or from not eating foods rich in this nutrient.

How do guduchi and glutathione work together to help us resists oxidative stress and the resultant disease process?

Guduchi aka Amrita: for  immortality!  

Guduchi is known in Ayurveda to reestablish the intelligence of the cellular system, supporting both shodhana (detoxification) and rasayana (rejuvenation). That is, this plant can simultaneously reestablish cellular intelligence and help repair the damage caused by amavisha (free radicals) and garvisha (environmental toxins). Thus, guduchi is one herb of choice for certain individuals with autoimmune disorders or anyone who wants to benefit from this amrita (nectar) plant. However, guduchi must be used cautiously and with proper guidance if taken in crude form (tablets or powder) as it may cause a detox crisis.  The transdermal route of this cream and Vaidya Mishra’s Guduchi Transdermal Cream and Guduchi Herbal-Memory Nectar are safer and highly effective alternative delivery systems.

What does Guduchi do?

  • Only plant that can bind both amavisha (internal toxins) and garavisha (external toxins) and reestablish the intelligence of the body wherever the toxins had been sitting. 
  • Full of soma (nature's cooling, nurturing vibration). Rebuilds the dhatus (tissues) if they have become low
  • Cleans the flame of the heart (vakshagni) so that it can handle any emotional challenges that come its way
  • Detoxifies the liver without heating it
  • Cleans the tissues all the way to shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue)
  • A Medhya Rasayana (good for the mind)


Learn more about Guduchi in a downloadable lecture by Vaidya Mishra, translating from the Sanskrit text Bhav Prakash. You can put this lecture on your iPod for just 99¢ here: Guduchi - Learn About the Most Divine Herb in Ayurveda. The audio file comes with a companion PDF of the Sanskrit text.

The ‘Mother of All Antioxidants’ & Why You Might Need More

Glutathione is an antioxidant manufactured by the liver and found in all the body’s cells. The highest concentration is in the liver, making it critical for the body's detoxification process. Even though the body produces glutathione, its levels decrease rapidly due to poor diet, pollution, toxins, medications, stress, immunizations, trauma, infection, radiation, even aging.  All these factors taken individually and collectively deplete the body’s glutathione stores and its ability to make new glutathione molecules.

 ‘Glutathione is critical for one simple reason: It recycles antioxidants’  says modern science. The findings are clear: “problems occur when we are overwhelmed with too much oxidative stress or too many toxins. Then the glutathione becomes depleted and we can no longer protect ourselves against free radicals, infections, or cancer and we can’t get rid of toxins. This leads to further sickness and soon we are in the downward spiral of chronic illness.’ (Read more here Glutathione – The Mother of All Antioxidants.) 

Even when you get plenty of other antioxidants like Vit C, E, and ALA (Alpha lipoic acid) they may not help much if your master antioxidant, glutathione, falls too low and is unable to be regenerated by your liver due to toxic overload.

A Few of Glutathione’s Purported Benefits

  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Improves insulin resistance in older individuals
  • Promising treatment for the autism spectrum disorder
  • Supports Cardiovascular Health
  • Helps protect against a wide range of disorders

Learn more about glutathione and research on glutathione supplementation at The Health Benefits of Glutathione and Glutathione Benefits.

Oral vs Transdermal Glutathione Supplementation

Some studies  – Glutathione Use Risk - indicate that glutathione supplements may cause cramping, and bloating. In addition, some people may experience allergic reactions to glutathione supplements, such as a rash.  However, Vaidya Mishra’s transdermal creams route of administration avoids these potential concerns by bypassing the digestive system, instead entering the bloodstream through the skin. 

In conclusion, the assault on our livers and other detox systems by external toxins and those generated internally from mental/emotional stress and poor digestion require a unique approach for the modern times. This remarkable transdermal cream fulfills that crucial role by helping awaken and reestablish the body’s own detox and repair intelligence, while simultaneously providing transdermal supplementation of glutathione – the master antioxidant crucial to wellbeing.


‘Guduchi with Glutathione’ (Vaidya Mishra’s proprietary herbal synergy) with Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), Ylang-ylang (Canaga odorata), Beeswax (Cera alba), Shea butter (Vitellaria paradoxa), and naturally sourced Glutathione.


2 oz


Remove a small amount of cream on the end of a clean, dry spoon (do Not put fingers in container). With your fingers apply along the pulse area of one wrist.  Rub well into the skin back and forth along the pulse several times.  With three fingers then lightly hold the area for 15 seconds.  Repeat on the other radial artery.  You can also target the liver more directly by applying on the lower quarter of the spine and back. Swipe downward along the lower spine 7 to 14 times. 

Best used under the guidance and specific directions of an Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda practitioner


Guduchi with Glutathione Transdermal Cream is gentle but may be too powerful for individuals carrying lots of toxins and whose detox pathways are not prepared to safely evacuate them.  As with all herbs, please consult with your physician before using.   Cream may cause oil spots on clothing.


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or complement medical advice.



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  1. Magnificent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st May 2024

    When applied in the spine you can feel the nurturing power of the herb and the soothing power glutathione, also I sense the purity of all the products, there cleaness

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