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Sensitive Plant Herbal Memory Nectar

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Sensitive plant is used in Ayurveda, especially in Vaidya Mishra's tradition of Shaka Vansya Ayurveda, for nourishing the nerves.

Despite their natural protection deep within the body, nerves can get damaged or weakened. Sudden injury can have a dramatic impact on the health of the physical nerves, and exposure to toxic chemicals (both external, and internally generated) over many years can also seriously damage the nerves.

The most common cause of nerve damage is the chemical toxins we generate ourselves. Reactive toxins in the body, known as amavisha in Ayurveda, are generated when partially digested food material becomes chemically charged within the body over time, or when excess stress hormones chronically permeate the body.

If the body is not able to remove these toxins faster than they are generated, they will eventually make the whole body acidic and nerve damage can sometimes result.

Multiple Sclerosis is an example, where amavisha, according to Ayurveda, damages or destroys the myelin sheaths of nerves.

Herbal Memory Nectar Makes Sure That Sensitive Plant Reaches The Nerves

Sensitive plant has been used for thousands of years to help give nourishment to the nerves. The trick lies in delivering sensitive plant to the wounded nerves.

If you ingest the sensitive plant herb in crude form, it must go through the digestive and metabolic systems, just like any food. However, when there is nerve damage due to amavisha, it is very likely that the digestive system will already be weak and the liver will be full of toxins. 

When this is the case, the herb will not be digested properly and its nourishing vibration may be destroyed by acidic toxins in the liver. As as result, the healing nature of sensitive plant is likely not to reach the nerves.

When Sensitive Plant Herbal Memory Nectar is used instead of the crude herb, it does not have to go through the digestive or metabolic processes.

Only the sukshma bhag (subtlest essence) and prabhavas (healing vibrations) of the herb are contained in the herbal memory nectar. When one to two drops of Sensitive Plant Herbal Memory Nectar are placed in one to two liters of water and sipped throughout the day, the subtlest essence of the herb is absorbed through the mucous membranes, without need for digestion.

This allows for the healing nature of sensitive plant to reach the nerves even in the case of low digestive power and high amavisha in the body.

This Herbal Memory Nectar Helps Avoid A Detox Crisis

The tikta rasa (bitter taste) of sensitive plant can cause the liver to detoxify itself when the crude herb is used.

When the liver detoxifies itself, it can easily lead to an increase of toxic load in the rest of the body.  Many of the toxins coming out of the liver can get reabsorbed into the bloodstream. If the body is already chronically acidic and burdened by toxicity, this extra toxic load will further aggravate the nerve damage which sensitive plant was intended to help.

All bitter herbs must be used with caution when the liver has a lot of toxins.

Sensitive Plant Herbal Memory Nectar avoids this problem. Bitter taste is a physical property of the herb, which is essentially absent in this product.

Only the subtlest essence of the plant (the herbal memory) is contained here. This allows the nourishing property of sensitive plant to be used without creating a detox crisis for the liver and the rest of the body.

Sensitive Plant Is Helpful for Some Female Disorders, According to Ayurveda

Bhava Prakash, an ancient Ayurvedic text, says that sensitive plant is able to help female disorders (yoni rogan vinashayet), especially if they are due to low estrogen, aging, or lack of sufficient bone marrow (majja dhatu).

In Ayurveda shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue) is derived from majja dhatu (bone marrow and nerves). By strengthening and nourishing majja dhatu, shukra dhatu in turn becomes more balanced.

When the nerves are not getting nourished properly, often due to amavisha, certain female reproductive disorders can result, including muscular atrophy of the vaginal wall.

Sensitive Plant Herbal Memory Nectar nourishes the nervous tissue and bone marrow. Improvement in certain female reproductive problems is a natural result of the improved health of majja dhatu.

Learn More About Sensitive Plant In Vaidya Mishra's Audio Download

You can learn more about this valuable Ayurvedic plant in a 9 minute downloadable MP3 audio file. In this lecture, Vaidya Mishra goes over the verses of Bhava Prakash regarding sensitive plant word by word from the original Sanskrit.

You will learn several other uses and properties of sensitive plant in this information-packed lecture: Sensitive Plant - Learn About A Great Herb To Nourish The Nerves


“Total Sensitive Plant” (Vaidya Mishra’s proprietary herbal blend) with Sweet Orange and Grapefruit in a kosher vegetable glycerine base

Bottle Size

1 fl. oz.


Place one or two drops in one to two liters of neutral pH spring water and sip throughout the day.

Use under the guidance of a Shaka Vansya Ayurveda practitioner.  As with all herbs, please consult your physician before using.

Sensitive Plant In Our Herbal Products

Sensitive Plant Transdermal Cream

  • Can be applied on marma points specified by your Shaka Vansya Ayurveda practitioner in order to deliver sensitive plant to a targeted area of nervous tissue.
  • Bypasses the liver, which is sometimes corrupt with toxins, and which can interfere with proper delivery of the herb if taken internally.
  • Gives sustained delivery of sensitive plant over several hours.

Sensitive Plant Single Herb

Sensitive plant is used as a secondary ingredient in the following products.


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