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Samadhi Set Roll on 2 oz.

  • Samadhi Set with Arjuna - for mental strength and determination
  • Samadhi Set with Ashoka - for emotional support
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Product Description

In today's world more than ever we need deep meditations to counteract the effect of our continuous exposure to stress and electromagnetic radiation.  If you are spiritually inclined, you probably have discovered a form of meditation that works for you.  With Vaidya Mishra's Samadhi Set, you now have a chance to make your meditations even better with these powerful, herbal, non-sticky roll ons!

Samadhi Set Supports Deep Meditation

Meditation is a spiritual exercise, but the body is involved in the process.  In reality, the mind and body cannot be separated.  They are like legs of a table: if you pull one leg the other will come along.  In fact, this is the very means that many meditations adopt:  by settling the mind they are able to slow the body's breath and heart rate.

It works both ways. We can also support mental relaxation through physical means.  The herbs contained in Vaidya Mishra's Samadhi Set are chosen specifically to calm the mind, open the heart and relax the senses. Though they are physical roll-ons, applied to the body, they allow the mind the settle more deeply in meditation.

Brahmi Transdermal Cream

The original herb, brahmi, which was lauded in the ancient Ayurvedic texts for its unique ability to promote spiritual awakening is now extinct.  However, for many generations, Vaidya Mishra's family has been using bacopa and gotu kota, which when used together, nearly replicate the powerful energy of the ancient brahmi. When we say brahmi here, it refers to the combination of these two herbs.

Brahmi contains lots of vibrational energy which is both calming and awakening to the mind.  When used in transdermal form, brahmi is delivered directly into the blood stream, without having to go through the liver (which is often corrupt with toxins).  When non-corrupted brahmi reaches the brain, it allows the mind to fully receive the light of the soul which comes to it through the heart.

In Shaka Vansya Ayurveda, the soul is likened to a gem, which becomes attached to the physical heart by the glue of ojas.  The light of the gem, or sattwa, shines through the heart to the mind.  The petals of the lotus of the heart must be open to allow the light of the gem to reach the mind, and the physical brain must be well fed and well balanced to receive the light.  We experience spiritual awakening when the light of the gem is experienced consciously.

Apply brahmi to the wrists (pulses) just before meditation.

Open The Petals of Your Lotus-like Heart

If the mind is balanced and well fed it can receive the light of the gem.  Brahmi helps the mind to become the perfect receptacle for the light of the soul.  However, if the heart is closed, no preparation of the mind will be sufficient to give enlightenment.  

Good meditation depends on an open heart.  If the petals of the lotus of the emotional heart are closed, there is no way for the light of the soul to reach the mind. Vaidya Mishra has created two transdermal roll-ons to open the heart lotus:  Ashoka transdermal roll-on and Arjuna transdermal roll-on.  You can choose the one that is right for you.

Ashoka is a powerful tree used in Ayurveda for millennia.  It's special property, or prabhava, is to remove grief from the heart.  Even traces of old grief in the heart can keep the heart lotus partially closed, preventing good experience in meditation.

Arjuna is the the number one herb for the heart in Ayurveda.  It gives both emotional and physical support and strength to the heart and is a rasayana (gives long life) for the heart.  Do not use it if you have a pacemaker, as it is a mild cardiac stimulant.

For both Arjuna and Ashoka, apply the creams to the tala hridaya marma points in the center of each palm and soles of the foot.  These four marma points (sensitive vibrational points in the body) are directly connected to the heart by nadis (vibrational channels) in the body.  When you apply these powerful herbs for the heart on the marma points of the heart, you will feel the heart lotus open almost instantly.  The roll-ons then give a sustained delivery throughout the meditation.

Calm the Senses With Tulsi

We have seen that both an open heart and a healthy, balanced mind are essential for good meditation.

It is also essential that the senses act in a balanced way when one wishes to meditate because the senses, which are often compared to wild horses, can quickly bring the mind's attention away from the light of consciousness to the objects of the senses.  Without proper balance, the senses will put the chariot easily in the ditch.

Tulsi has a unique prabhava (special property) of balancing the senses.  With the use of tulsi, the senses do not easily overwhelm the mind, and this contributes to good meditation.  Vaidya Mishra's Tulsi Transdermal Roll-on delivers the prabhava of tulsi and its powerful effect for deepening meditation.  This effect is enhanced by the fact that the tulsi roll-on is applied to the sthapana marma point between the eyebrows—the marma point which controls the senses.

Super Sport 

"SuperSport is formulated to help support vibrational and physical channels. It was specifically formulated for an athlete but can be used by and for all who would like to or have a physical schedule and need to support their muscle tissue. SuperSport helps release accumulated toxins in the muscle tissue that can result in muscle tightness or stiffness. 



1 Brahmi Roll-on 2 oz.

1 Arjuna or Ashoka Roll-on 2 oz.

1 Tulsi Roll-on 2 oz.

1 Super Sport Roll-on 2 oz.



This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or complement medical advice.

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