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Pearl Bhasma - Lalita's Age Defying Cream

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Vaidya’s Lalita’s Skin Care Line has been women’s best friend for more than 10 years. His recent Navratna Celestial Radiance Cream was a celebrated addition. But now you have even more choices to address the very specific needs of your skin. In the mood for some Pearl Bhasma? How about the vibrational charge of planetary gems combined with Rose Absolute for added balancing and glow?  You could also add traces of pure gold, silver, “thousand puti” mineral ash? What do all these ayurvedic ingredients have in common besides being key for total radiant health? This: you can now order your own jar of facial cream with any - or all - of these ingredients, and we at SVA will make it from scratch, just for you, when you place your order! Every single ingredient that Vaidya adds to his formulations have a distinct purpose. Even the aromatic flowers such as Rose or Jasmine have specific skin nourishing and glow enhancing properties. To address the growing needs of the SVA following, we now offer more creams to complement the existing family of Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Creams.

 All of the new custom-made products have the ingredients of the original formulas and carry the beautifying properties of the original products.  But now you can order Lalita’s Age Defying Facial Cream or Navratna Celestial Radiance Facial Cream with either Rose Absolute, or Sambac Jasmine. Rose and Jasmine carry distinct properties for the skin. 

We now also offer the option of Lalita’s Age-Defying Facial Cream with Natural Pearl Bhasma (nano particles of natural pearl).  Or Lalita’s Age-Defying Cream infused with the transformational power of Abhrak Bhasma. These can come with Rose, Jasmine, or Aroma Free.

Why Pearl Bhasma?  

Three bio-chemical categories made up of the 5 elements of nature (fire, water, earth, air and space), known as “doshas” run our bodies, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Each individual carries a unique signature mixture of these three categories. And each individual’s skin is also unique based on their doshic make-up.  Each of these has an additional 5 sub-categories.  

The skin is governed by 3 sub-categories or sub-doshas: Pachak Pitta; Vyana Vata; and Shleshak Kapha. Individuals who are more Pitta by nature, who carry more fire in their biochemical constitution, tend to have a more active bhrajak pitta subhdosha. In other terms, their skin tends to be more sensitive to developing rashes and imbalances due to heat, overexposure to sunshine, or it can also be triggered by spicy food, emotional challenges as well as mental stress. In addition, because Pitta skin tends to be more prone to acidity, and acidity induces inflammation and kills the friendly bacteria of the skin, Pitta individuals need specific skin care addressing their highly sensitive constitution. For this group of people who tend to have more sensitive skin, Ayurveda offers specific help with Pearl Bhasma.

Pearl bhasma is highly somagenic and cooling because when the macromolecules of pearl (bhasma) combine with the proper yogvahi, or carrier, the soothing benefits of the pearl will penetrate up to the 4th layer of the skin. The herbal syerngy of essential oils that Vaidya uses in his creams are meant as intelligent yogvahis. In this situation, bhrajak pitta gets pacified up to the 4th layer, offering inside-out relief.  

The micro-molecules of the pearl bhasma are highly alkalizing for the deeper levels of the skin.  Long-term use of the Pearl bhasma cream helps create a good environment for the friendly bacteria of the skin, and helps to fight against inflammation created by any external or internal factors. In particular, pearl bhasma with rose is great for somebody going through emotional challenges or someone emotionally sensitive in general. Rose is known for its great property for sadhak pitta pacification, while Jasmine helps unify all the layers of the skin which get separated due to acid induced inflammatory situations.  

Vaidya’s facial cream contains that contain Pearl Bhasma are specially formulated for high-pitta skin types that need deeper cooling and deeper nourishment for their skin.  Pearl Bhasma is the best for such skin conditions, because it’s highly Somagenic - very rich in the cooling, nurturing, replenishing vibrational energy of the Moon.  Pearl Bhasma is also firming for the skin.  You can now chose between a facial cream that carries Natural Pearl Bhasma with Rose, or Natural Pearl Bhasma with Jasmine.  Or, you can try them both!



Saffron (Crocus sativus): modern science confirms the extremely rejuvenating properties of the crocitin molecule, confirming Saffron to be an ancient super-anti-oxidant for the skin, potent in its action up to the 5th dermal layer; Flame of forest (Butea monosperma): supports the skin in its intelligence, shields itself against ultraviolet sunlight rays; Devil’s apple (Solanum Linnaeanum): bolsters the skin cells’ intelligence to actively detox by releasing amavisha and garavisha effectively; Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): literally from the Sanskrit “punar+nava= again+new” rejuvenates the skin by supporting integral detox of the skin by helping the release of toxins through sweat; Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia): a hypo-allergenic herb that pacifies the hyperactivity of the immune system by addressing amavisha; Turmeric (Curcuma longa): reputed anti-inflammatory that enhances dermal intelligence and protects against inflammation; Daruharidra, also known as Tree Turmeric (Berberis aristata): supports the skin fight against inflammation, and is active up to the third layer; Gotu kola (Centella asiatica):  enhances collagen synthesis, preserving the skin’s elasticity and maintaining its youthfulness; Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri): enhances the connection and communication between prana vata, the subdosha that governs the mind, and vyana vata, the subdosha that governs the skin, a unique SVA  approach to skin health through the pacification and balancing of psychological mental stress; Nutmeg (Myristica): enhances the complexion by clearing and balancing the micro-channel of the mind; Mucuna: lubricates and hydrates internally, modulates hormonal flow and lubrication; Green tea: a reputed anti-oxidant that defies psychological aging, and supplies tone and elasticity; Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): supports mind/body coordiation, nourishes the tactile nerves, thus supporting the skin’s resistance against internal and external stressors; Lemon (Citrus limon): enhances the skin’s resistance to sunlights, supporting its sensitivity; Indian sarsaparilla (Hemidesmus indicus): cleans the pores for an even healthy skin by purifying the sebum and sebaceous glands; Ashoka (Saraca asoca): for the Sanskrit ashoka = no grief, supports the skin’s health by enhancing bliss through its ability to pacify the emotional heart, or the sadhaka pitta subdosha; Shirish bark (Albizia lebbeck): provides sustained deep skin layer detox with long term use; Sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica): nourishes and supports the regeneration of the tactile nerves, helping to maintain the sensitivity of the facial skin; Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): a thermogenic plant that enhances and supports overall circulation and communication between all layers of the skin; Neem (Azadiracta indica): supports the immune system of the skin; Pearl Bhasma;Lodhra

With: White grapefruit extract, a natural preservative in a base of Organic coconut oil, a cooling firming, lubricating, and nourishing oil; with Grapeseed oil, a natural preservative; Vegetable stearic acid, a lubricant; Organic aloe juice, a cooling and detoxifying plant that pacifies bhrajak pitta, the pitta subdosha of the skin;; in a Kosher vegetable glycerin base, a lubricant; and emulsifying wax.  Emulsifying wax (NF), a lubricant. 


30 ml 


 Use as a daily moisturizing and replenishing cream by applying morning and evening, after cleaning and toning your skin (Lalita's Facial Cleanser and Lalita's Facial Toner). You may also use with your SVA Facial Marma protocol, by applying on the SVA marma points, gently massaging and then spreading all over the face. For more information or to find out more specific guidelines for use, visit: www.vaidyamishra.com/blog, or email us at svahealth@prana-center.com 


This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.

All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only, and may not be used to replace, or compliment medical advice.

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