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Ayurvedic Recipes for Balance and Bliss Cookbook - SOLD-OUT!

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"When I started writing this cookbook, I was the person who had arrived at an Ayurvedic practitioner and who was told, "Yes, I can help you, but you'll have to follow an Ayurvedic diet." This cookbook exists to answer the question, "What's that?" In my heart of hearts, I'd like you to become the doctor, while Vaidya, your Ayurvedic practitioner, and I, become experts you consult with occasionally. Ayurveda works best when you are in charge."

Rick Talcott

"The concept of what constitutes a healthy diet has become an increasingly complex, confusing maize of differing and often contrasting information. It's not surprising for the general health-conscious individual, who may or may not have a background in health and nutrition, to be completely overwhelmed and frustrated by the variety of recommended approaches. [...] There are many Ayurvedic cookbooks available today. Some focus on more of an Indian flair, while others attempt to adapt dishes that are more familiar to the Western audience. [...] Here is where I truly appreciate the SVA approach of Vaidya Mishra's lineage. It is primarily tri-doshic, which means it is suitable for almost everyone in any season, although one can choose to favor specific seasonal foods also, for added benefit. This approach is also agni-enhancing, ojas-building, channel-clearing, and satvic."

Dr. M. Vinick

"This book is based upon these eternal principles of Ayurvedic cooking. It teaches us recipes and cooking techniques to make the food delicious and nutritious without destroying the delicate pranic vibration of the food. This is how we use food as medicine. You can think of the recipes in this book as various combinations of nature's intelligence capable of creating healing in the body. Our aim is always to maintain nature's intelligence, never to destroy it or take anything away from it. In that way, this book is a gift of nature from nature itself."

Dr. D. Beech

"Why incorporate a SVA diet into your life? There are lots of reasons, but the most important is so you can feel better and live longer. [...] or, if you just want to look better and have more energy and vitality, you will benefitt from an Ayurvedic diet. How do you do that? Where do you start? The key lies in own your hands, open Vaidya's and Rick's SVA Health Compendium and walk right in to discover a worl of tasty, quick and health promoting recipes, in addition to a wealth of knowledge that will transform you from the inside out."

Dr. B. Davis



Eat, Sleep, Live it Out!

Did you know that your health and happiness thrive on a very simple formula? All you really need is: food, sleep, and "soul-centered conduct." Ayurveda teaches us that these are the 3 pillars that support our lives. When/if you cheat on any of these in any way, when any one of these 3 is compromised - sleeping late or not enough; eating left-over or processed foods; treating others as you would not treat your own self; then: your health and overall productivity will suffer. If not now, then slowly but surely tomorrow karma inevitably comes back! 

In the Charak Samhita we read: 


Three sub-pillars, food, sleep/dream, and "brahm-based" conduct (brahmacarya) have an order of precedence too. One comes before the other: food first, then rest, and then proper conduct. Because without good food, the body cannot get full rejuvenative rest. And without a well-rested body and mind, one cannot choose evolutionary right actions. It's as simple as that. Food is what matters first and foremost. Nowadays, we don't even stop to think about what we are eating! When we are hungry in-between two meetings at work, or picking up and driving the children, or running around chasing after other ephemeral activities, we gulp down a protein-enhanced shake, or shove down a power-bar, grab a bag of snacks and keep rushing on... With time, we end up having to pay a heavy price for this. Food is a gift of Mother Nature, eating is a yagya...



Through the Charak Samhita, we understand that ahar, or food, should not just be any food. Rather, it is food that is prepared in a particular manner, with specific "samyog" and "samskar" - specific combination and prepping of ingredients. In addition, we learn through SV Ayurveda, that food should not just nourish the physical body, but also nurture the satwa, the "light of our soul." Satwic food guides our steps towards karmic emancipation with every bite, inspiring us into right actions and thoughts - free from violence towards the self and others. 


Satwic food is, by definition, intelligent - not dumb or dead as I like to say. That is: it is fresh, free from chemical preservatives and flavoring agents that upset the bio-chemical balance of our metabolic system. Satwic food is also animal-cruelty free. 


My SVA Cookbook is finally out, with the unstinting help and support of my dear friend, Rick Talcott. Now, you can transform your life and revolutionize your days with a wealth of satwic recipes and guidelines. In this cookbook, you will find recipes that originated in my mother's kitchen, during my childhood years, where I personally helped her prepare them; as well as recipes that I put together, 100% based on SVA siddhantas (ayurvedic guidelines), to help all those who came to me with different doshic imbalances for ayurvedic help over the years. PLUS, ALL of these recipes are free from onion, garlic, and all the nightshades (potato, tomato, eggplant, bell-peppers), and yet will delight your taste-buds and senses. Easy and fast to make, with ample details and explanations. 

Rick, through his practical questions and his habit to always take things one step further, helped to inspire and assemble all these recipes. 

With this book, you will not only transform your kitchen into a healing hearth where delicious recipes will bring in balance and bliss into your family, but you will also gain in-depth understanding of the basic principles of SV Ayurveda - in relation to food and overall health. All the recipes are made for you, living here in the West, with the ingredients and raw materials you can find at your local grocery store. 

But further than that, this SVA Health Compendium also gives you a step-by-step, daily home detox program - with recipes. Do your own detox and cut the cost of travel and taking time off of work and family life. Do your own, at your own pace.


See for yourself! Below is the table of contents. Start off with the basics - 

 because in addition to being an in-depth cookbook, you have between your hands a SVA Health Compendium where you will learn a wealth of information to usher in more balance and bliss into your life:


Or you may skip these initial chapters altogether relegating them to your afternoon read, and move on straight to the core and start to cook, after another quick survey over some additional key concepts taking you to Part two: 


Ok, so now you are really ready to cook a meal:



and go further: 


However, since this is a SVA Cookbook, it has to tie down all to health. In the big picture it's all about eating and detoxing daily. The Cookbook concludes on a high note with a seven week daily detox plan: 



This product and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and are not intended to be used to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All of the information above is intended to be used for educational purposes only and may not be used to replace or compliment medical advice.





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